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  • If you are feeling overwhelmed with the demands of home and family, and feel you have lost yourself, I can help.

  • I was there and understand that feeling of hopelessness and inability to find a way off the treadmill and make time for you.

  • I am now on the other side, enjoying the rewards of the inner work I had to do. It was a lengthy, painful and expensive process and 100% worth it. Now I want to save others the pain of doing this the hard way and making the mistakes I did.

  • I have created a Transformation Program with all the skills and resources required to start living the best version of YOU. Working with me you can release the negative emotions and limiting beliefs holding you back. We identify the strategies and internal programs that have brought you here. Then we dismantle those that aren't serving you, so we can reignite your passion for life!

  • On the 30 minute call we will get to understand your main pain point and create a plan of how to serve you best.

  • So the first step to seeing how I can help you, is to Book a Strategy call with me now.

Lynda Kelly Coach

Lynda Kelly

Transformation & Development Coach,
Matrix Therapist®, Archetypal Coach®, Neuro Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner &Trainer, Happiness Consultant and Founder of
Elevate Now - Health Wealth and Harmony

Lynda Kelly Coach

Here's a Few Other People Who Booked a Call..

I knew Lynda had made some major changes in her life and was all the better for them. Lynda is kind, genuinely cares and is a good listener.


Early Childhood Educator


I felt very comfortable with Lynda, and not only from her past experience with similar relationships but I never felt judged or small because of what I was experiencing.


Business Owner

Lynda helped me understand what I was feeling and  enabled me to process the thoughts and feelings in a loving and secure environment.


Account Executive

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